Network security

ICT systems and networks are a key security element of any modern organization. We design, implement and secure open and classified ICT systems and networks. We audit existing systems, select and implement hardware, software and procedural security measures.

RSA Archer

Advanced platform for managing key areas of business risks, supports the management of GRC processes in the organization, supports multiple processes related to audit management, business continuity, risk, compliance, and disaster recovery

RSA Netwitness

Comprehensive SIEM class platform that enables monitoring and analysis of cybersecurity events. The solution consists of several components ensuring event and log analysis, network packet capture and analysis, endpoint security and an effective incident management workflow

RSA SecureID

Proven and world’s most recognized mechanism of two-step user identification and authorization based on a hardware or software token

Palo Alto

New generation firewall with built-in IDS / IPS mechanisms based on machine learning algorithms. Advanced protection against all network threats

Unidirectional data diodes

Solutions for industrial automation systems requiring the highest level of security, used broadly in classified systems and providing uncompromised information security