Communication systems

Our competencies and experience cover designing and implementation of special communication systems and their components. We have implemented data transmission mechanisms of IP systems for military grade KF/VHF radios and satellite links, our software is present in the Polish Armed Forces. We offer modern radio links and broadband radios with a throughput of up to 1 Gb/s. We integrate classified ICT systems to work with military communication systems.

SDR radio networks

SDR radio networks – We have competences in the implementation of SDR (Software Defined Radio) solutions - routing algorithms in MANET networks, implementation of Cognitive Radio solutions, integration of SDR solutions with IP networks

Design and consulting services

We offer consulting services in the field of military communication systems and ICT systems - data exchange via radio and radio links implemented in the Polish Armed Forces, satellite terminals, we design and integrate classified systems enabling data exchange via radio links, we optimize IP networks for making connections in radio and satellite systems