NATO/EDA and special projects

We deliver advanced special purpose projects related to the design, implementation and deployment of software and hardware in the area of cybersecurity, information security and classified information processing. We have completed a number of research and development projects in the field of defense and security, as well as projects from the budgets of NATO and EDA. We are open to domestic and international cooperation in such projects.

Integration and configuration services

Design, integration and configuration of complex ICT systems as part of commercial and R&D projects, virtualization in unclassified and classified systems

Hardware and software design

Proven experience in the field of design, implementation and deployment of hardware and software solutions in the area of network security and ICT systems, unclassified and classified

Supply of hardware and software

Deliveries of hardware and software from leading manufacturers for complex ICT systems for the purpose of commercial and research and development projects

Accreditation support and security documentation

Support during accreditation process of classified ICT systems (Polish, NATO, EU security levels), preparation of security documentation - SWB, PBE, SSRS, SecOPs, SRA

Advanced projects in the area of cybersecurity

Integration of cybersecurity solutions in the special market and implementation of proprietary solutions in the area of network and classified systems security


We offer DarkNet monitoring solutions and services related to consultancy in the field of DarkNET network operation

Network traffic monitoring

We offer our own tools for monitoring high-speed network traffic, we deploy solutions from leading manufacturers and partner companies

Network probes

We offer our own network traffic analysis probe operating in passive mode. We offer partner solutions for efficient monitoring of high-speed network traffic (100Gbps)

Hardware solutions for efficient data processing

We offer our own solutions based on FPGA for efficient network traffic processing (160 Gbps)

Workstation virtualization

We offer a solution for virtualization of workstations in classified systems with GPU support, required by majority of military grade C3 systems for map visualization, including 3D hardware acceleration