ENAMOR Group consists of two companies, systems integrators in the field of marine electronics, marine automation, computer networks, communications systems and electronic security systems for industrial and utility facilities.

Enamor Ltd.

Enamor Ltd. is a manufacturing and trading company specializing in the field of development, integration and implementation of technical solutions for maritime industry customers, aviation and defense industries.

Range of business activity:

  • comprehensive supply of navigation systems, marine electronics and communication for new built ships and battleships, including the supply of equipment and special systems for Ministry of Defence
  • production and supply of modern marine automation systems developed in Enamor; the company offers several products which successfully support the owners and crew in the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)
  • R & D and design services, installation and commissioning, service in the field of navigation, communications, automation, electronics, warranty and post-warranty service, comprehensive support for the entire fleet of commercial units
  • comprehensive supply of air traffic management systems and systems for airport security monitoring
  • providing training centers with simulators and trainers of modern navigation and communications systems, LCHS and engine rooms


Enamor International Ltd.

Enamor International is a company engaged in the development and integration of technologies in the field of cyber security, IT systems and communication systems.

Range of business activity:

  • deployment of secure IT systems, implementation of IT systems security, preparation of system security documentation,
  • vulnerability assessment of broad IT systems, penetration tests, network security management center,
  • analysis of data and network traffic – technology for processing IP traffic in backbone networks,
  • construction of secure military communications systems, optimizing data and voice transmission in IP systems (radio).