Security in a cyber world is nowadays the key to a prosperously functioning enterprise. Most of the services already exist in a virtual world of linked information systems and network devices. Currently solutions providing document management, electronic mail, databases containing employees’ and clients’ information or voice and video communication systems can be provided from properly secured server locations and accessed from any place at any time.

All the aforementioned services are available on a local company network and often also through the public Internet. Employees may access these resources using variety of devices like computers, tablets and smartphones, each using different operating system as well as other type of software, such as VMware or Citrix. All the mentioned services, network protocols which they utilize and hardware itself are vulnerable to cyberattacks, attempts of seizing control or data interception, thus leading to a loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. That may result in losing a company credibility or in the worst cases even complete blocking of company’s operations.

The IT security management process offered by our company is fundamental for the conscious control of risk. It is based on the system analysis, selection of appropriate security measures and threat monitoring, all aimed to minimize the risk. Implementation of information security does not completely prevent from all cyber-threats as technology is constantly and rapidly evolving. Thus, apart from implementing information security, it is necessary to constantly analyze risk, monitor information systems and search for their vulnerabilities. Only such security management process ensures sufficient risk minimization and allows achieving company’s security, security of its data, services, and employees.

We assure security of your company in cyberspace.