Enamor International is a rapidly growing information and communication technology company operating mostly in the national defense and security and cybersecurity domains.

We specialize in advanced solutions for cybersecurity as well as IT systems and specialized communication systems. We have a long experience in design, integration and testing of military communication system based on both radio equipment and IP networks.

We provide services and products that significantly improve information and communication security of various industries and institutions in the public sector. The solutions implemented by us minimize the risk of losing confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data. Our goal is to always select an optimal solution in terms of security, usability and cost. We also ensure the security of services and applications.

Our offer:
• conducting cybersecurity trainings,
• conducting security audits and security tests,
• monitoring IT systems’ security,
• designing and implementing secure IT systems,
• implementing security measures in already existing IT systems,
• security evaluation systems and early warning systems.

The area of our expertise is as follows:
• Wide Area Networks (WAN),
• Local Area Networks (LAN),
• securing active network equipment (e.g. routers, switches),
• wireless access networks (WiFi),
• redundancy in communication equipment,
• cryptography (VPN/IPSec),
• secure voice and video connections (VoIP),
• applications and services security.

We have an individual approach, based on the possibilities and capabilities of each individual client in specific situations.